CAP-208S  Advanced Dynamic PLC Training System

  • The training systems focus on conveying  authentic application knowledge and information on 
     programmable logic control (PLC) and  demonstrate how such systems are networked with sensors 
     and actuators. The fundamentals and  operation of PLC systems are graphically explored using a 
     multitude of examples, explanations,  exercises and practical assignments.
  • All the programming objects are available  for motion control with excellent dynamic performance that
     highly simulate the automation control  system used in industrial field.
  • The frame adopts standard aluminum  profile with modular experiment panel design, thus, making it 
     easily to build different experiment  combination on the flexible two-layer structure. All the upper parts
     are removable including the experiment  module, power supply module and frame support.
  • All terminals are led out on printed  composite panel with 4mm safety socket and connected by
     full sealing sheathed pluggable  connector. The complete unit is movable with lockable truckles on
     bottom and available for training  content extension by using other CHOIEO modular units.

    PLC mainframe
  • Work with STEP 7 programming software
  • Data types
  • Creating statement lists
  • Programming languages STL, LAD and FBD
  • Programming of binary operations
  • Programming of counters and time makers,  comparison and arithmetic functions
  • Program structure, invoking subroutings
  • Putting into operation and testing

    Dynamic demo systems
  • Spray painting machine control system
  • Cutting machine control system
  • Stepping motor motion control system
  • CNC tool magazine control system
  • Thermostatic closed loop control system
  • Punching machine automatic control system
  • Electromagnetic handling control system
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