CAP-551  Inverter Trainer

  • This is an universal portable inverter  training system, with build-in three phase induction motor 
     and various electric control elements to  accomplish comprehensive inverter control features.
  • Communication terminals for extended  control function with programmable logic controller, using 
     integrated socket for quick connection.
  • Excellent training performance covering  multiple motor speed control methods, including acceleration, 
     deceleration, forward, reverse, etc.

  • Stepless speed control
  • Inching control of external terminal 
  • Multistep speed selection and frequency  control
  • Digital quantity based fixed speed  control
  • Variable speed control under external  analog quantity (voltage)
  • External button controlled  speed-up/speed-down
  • Frequency converter controlled motor  forward and reverse rotation
  • Time step speed control
  • Frequency arrival based relay starting
  • Interlocking experiments with  programmable logic controller (optional)

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