CAD-101 Transparent Four-floor Elevator Emulator


      • The unit simulates an 4-floor elevator  system with full functions, but using a complete transparent open structure
         making all inner motions visible, the  size of it is miniaturized to height of 1850mm, ideal for demonstration and
         operation of complete elevator system in  a limited space.
      • It has the same working principle as  actual elevator, with overspeed safety protection function, lift car and 
         counter-weight spring buffer mechanism,  door safety shoe protection mechanism, door motor torque protection
         mechanism, landing door automatic  closing function and terminal limit switch safety protection system.
         counter-weight spring buffer device.
      • Programmable logic controller is used as  the main control unit, with variable frequency drive for AC motor 
         control. Designed with fault setting  system available for system fault simulation up to 32 quantity.

      • Elevator chief components and related  mounting position
      • Elevator startup, speed up and full speed  running
      • Elevator stop, speed down and  leveling 
      • Elevator stop signal generating, signal  recording and clearance
      • Elevator emergency cut-off
      • Elevator floor positioning
      • Elevator traction system and positioning  device
      • Elevator safety device
      • Elevator safety protection
      • Elevator lift car lighting and air  exhaust
      • Sound signal and indicator light
      • Elevator drive mechanism
      • Lift car and door motor mechanism
      • Automatic door opening/closing
      • Auto/manual working state selection
      • Guide rail, guide shoe and counter-weight
      • The running direction maintenance and  change
      • High-speed demonstration and manual  leveling
      • Fault and electrical schematic diagram
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