CAG-001 Mechatronics Training System (10-station)


      • This a comprehensive mechatronic training  and simulation system, it offers a complete solution for
         the study of modern factory automation  and integrates a variety of technological applications, including 
         mechanical & electrical &  electronic & information & sensor & interface technologies, etc.
      • Industrial grade components and control  methods are used to fully demonstrate the factory production
         line system, up to ten stations are  built on the platform, including HMI monitoring unit, feeding unit, 
         drilling unit, deburring unit, rejecting  unit, marking unit, assembly unit, triaxial handling unit, transfer
         unit, horizontal & biaxial storage  and retrieval unit.
      • The input and output signal cables of  each actuator are led to serial ports, at the same time, all the 
         power lines are gathered on one seat, by  this way to achieve quick connection of the whole 
         system and ensure the safe pluggable  ability for practical operation.
      • When the serial ports of controller panel  and I/O panel are connected, user can upload the standard 
         programs to run the system process  directly for demonstration purpose without further operation. 
         When conducting the independent design  and programming training, by disconnecting the serial
         port to achieve an open control mode,  all wiring can be done through the 4mm safety sockets with 
         pluggable cables.
      • The experiment panel adopts modular  design, coming with standard height that can easily be inserted 
         into the frame area. The complete unit  is movable and lockable, with complete aluminium profile

        Mechanical Structure Application
      • Speed regulated vertical motion of  brushless motor with ball screw
      • Horizontal motion of servo motor with  dual-rail ball screw
      • Four direction & 180 degree &  clamping motion of guide rod cylinder / rotary cylinder / gripper combination
      • Biaxial cylinder and guide slot formed  material blanking mechanism
      • AC motor and conveyer belt formed speed  regulated transfer mechanism
      • Stepping motor and limit component formed  material positioning mechanism
      • Servo motor, ball screw, stepping motor  and synchronous belt guide rail formed cantilever type carrier

        Pneumatic Structure Application
      • Bus board
      • Cylinder
      • Solenoid valve
      • Direction control
      • Speed control
      • Sequence control

        Electrical Control Application
      • System I/O, digital quantity, high speed  quantity, analog quantity, communication data quantity
      • Monitoring frame HMI with slave computer  formed Ethernet TCP/IP communication 
      • Master PLC and slave PLC formed RS485  user-defined protocol communication
      • Master PLC and data acquisition module  formed RS485 MODBUS RTU communication
      • Extension of digital quantity, analog  quantity and communication port
      • Limit sensor, photoelectric sensor, fiber  optic sensor, metal sensor, magnetic sensor and color mark sensor
      • Power supply module, controller module  and interface module

        Programming Application
      • Sequential structure, selective structure  and cycle structure
      • Switching value realized cylinder motion  control, DC motor control, conveyor start/stop control, indicator control
      • Pulse value realized stepping motor  control, servo motor control
      • Analog value realized color mark sensor  data reception, DC brushless motor control
      • Communication data value realized signal  reception of data acquisition module

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