CAP-604 Compact Belt Conveyor System Trainer


      • This unit offers a complete control  solution for belt conveyor system with full functions, it is designed
         and built on an extremely small  platform, including electrical control system, programmable logic  control 
         module, mechanical transfer and  workpiece sorting units, pneumatic actuator and detection, etc. The
         full set is portable with easy carrying  design and cushion rubber, perfect for flexible educational purpose.
      • The belt conveyor is driven by a 24V DC  gear motor and complete with different proximity sensors. It can 
         convey workpieces on carrier belt and  identify each material for final sorting.
      • All terminals are led out on colorized  printed panel top, as well as the programmable logic controller. 
         The pneumatic is powered by a minitype  compressor with high convenience and the connection is 
         achieved by quick coupling. 

      • DC motor and reducer control
      • Understanding how sensors function and  operate
      • Assembly and functionality of  photoelectric, inductive and capacitive sensors
      • Assembly, set-up and testing of pneumatic  cylinders and valves
      • Mechanical structure of belt conveyor  mechanism
      • Work with STEP 7 programming software
      • Creating statement lists
      • Programming languages STL, LAD and FBD
      • Putting into operation and testing
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