CAP-201S Tabletop PLC Training System


      • This is a tabletop type PLC training  system, providing a variety of control & simulation units to form a
         comprehensive programming training  system. All units adopt modular design with standard size and 
         carrying handles, user can select  modules and build target experiments easily and freely.
      • A common power case is attached to the  top part together with the PLC unit, both of them are
         detachable from the main frame, thus  making it convenient for delivery, maintenance and replacement.
      • To maximize the use of space, the back  side of the trainer is designed with flip-open structure, up to 
         six (or three) modules could be placed  inside the frame for storage purpose.
      • As with standard pluggable design, the  PLC unit could be changed to other brand (with same I/O) 
         easily without any changes to other  modules, by this way to perform different PLC controllers in one
         training platform.
      • The complete frame structure is built by  standard aluminum profiles, with built-in carrying handle on
         side part for quick movement of trainer  to release the system placement limit.
      • All terminals are led out to safety  sockets for clear education and easy operation purpose, pluggable 
         cables for experiment connection with  sheet steel cable holder be attached on the main frame.

      • Emergency stop alarm
      • Slider round-trip control
      • Traffic light control
      • Sensor address digital display
      • Code value digital display
      • Encoding circle setting control and  digital display
      • Motor speed measurement and digital  display
      • Encode setting stepper motor angle  control
      • High speed counting and digital display
      • Controllable unit detection (manual  operation)
      • Bridge temperature control detection  (manual operation)
      • A / D detection (manual operation)
      • D / A detection (manual operation)
      • Automatic temperature control of bridge  output to A / D 
      • DIP switch control D / A to the  controllable unit 
      • Cylinder control (optional)
      • Touch screen control D / A to the  controllable unit   (optional)
      • Touch screen monitoring of bridge output  to A / D  (optional) 
      • PLC input / output data screen control  (optional)
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