CEM-201 DC Motor Technology Trainer


      • This trainer is designed to meet the  operation training of various DC electric machines, covering 
         DC series motor, DC shunt motor, DC compound generator and related testing panels.
      • All motors and generators come with  standard aluminium profile mounting base, coupling and foot 
         pad for easy experimental combination via universal shaft couplings of  same height.
      • The frame adopts standard aluminum  profile with modular experiment panel design, thus, making it 
         easily to build different experiment combination on the flexible two-layer structure. All the upper parts
         are removable including the experiment module, power supply module and frame support.
      • All terminals are led out on printed composite panel with 4mm safety socket and connected by
         full sealing sheathed pluggable connector. The complete unit is movable with lockable truckles on
         bottom and available for training content extension by using other CHOIEO modular electrical units.

      • Acknowledge of motor / instrument /  rheostat
      • Cold resistance measurement of DC  motor/generator armature winding
      • Starting / speed regulation / direction  control of DC separately excited motor
      • DC generator no-load / external /  regulating characteristics 
      • DC shunt generator self-excitation and  external characteristics 
      • DC compound generator distinction and  external characteristics 
      • DC shunt motor operating / mechanical /  regulation characteristics and dynamic braking
      • DC series motor operating / mechanical /  regulation characteristics
      • Mechanical characteristics of separately  excited DC motor under different running states
           Mechanical characteristics under  electric running and regenerative braking state
           Mechanical characteristics under  electric running and reverse braking state
           Mechanical characteristics under  dynamic braking state
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