CET-301 Electrical Transformer Trainer


      • This trainer is designed to meet the  operation training of electrical transformer, covering a variety 
         training topics for single phase and  three phase characteristics, as well as parametric measurement.
      • The frame adopts standard aluminum  profile with modular experiment panel design, thus, making it 
         easily to build different experiment  combination on the flexible two-layer structure. All the upper parts
         are removable including the experiment  module, power supply module and frame support.
      • All terminals are led out on printed  composite panel with 4mm safety socket and connected by
         full sealing sheathed pluggable  connector. The complete unit is movable with lockable truckles on
         bottom and available for training  content extension by using other CHOIEO modular electrical units.


        Single Phase  Transformer
      • Measure the single phase transformer  ratio and parameter by no-load and short circuit experiment
      • Draw out the T type equivalent circuit  diagram according to parameters be measured 
         from no-load and short circuit  experiment
      • Measure the running characteristic of  transformer by load experiment
      • Parallel operation of transformer  (polarity discrimination, parallel two transformers)

        Three Phase  Transformer
      • High / Low voltage winding  discrimination, primary / secondary polarity measurement
      • Measure the three phase transformer ratio  and parameter by no-load and short circuit experiment
      • Three phase transformer Y-y12 connection
      • Three phase transformer Y-y6 connection
      • Three phase transformer Y-∆11 connection
      • Three phase transformer Y-∆5 connection
      • Voltage vector diagram of three phase  transformer under different connections
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