CEZ-301 Portable Digital Electronics Circuit Trainer


      • This trainer is a classic digital circuit  training system, which is suitable for experiment teaching 
         courses such as 'Digital electronics  technique' and 'Electronic circuit'.
      • It adopts portable box type design with  aluminum profile frame, easy to be carried for flexible teaching purpose.
      • The basic service area comes with DC  power source, single pulse, fixed pulse source, logic level input, 
         indicators, nixie tube display, dial  switch, etc. The open experiment area is provided with multiple IC  sockets 
         and electronic component insertion  sockets to achieve various experiment extension and course design. 

      • Basic diode/triode switching  characteristic, clipper and clamper
      • Gate circuit logic function and test  experiment of TTL and COMS series
      • Combinational logic circuit experiment
         - NAND gate designed voting circuit
         - NAND gate, XOR gate, AND gate formed  half adder circuit
         - Data selector (select 1 from 4) formed  half adder or half subtracter
         - Two data selectors (select 1 from 4)  formed half adder or half subtracter
         - Logical operation
      • Trigger experiment (R-S, D, JK)
      • Integrated counter and register  experiment
      • Decoder and data selector experiment
      • Monostable trigger and Schmitt trigger
      • Self-excited multivibrator
      • NE555, NE556 time base circuit experiment
      • D/A, A/D conversion circuit
      • Electronic stopwatch
      • Competition responder
      • Tug of war game machine
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