CEZ-401 Portable Analog Electronics Circuit Trainer


      • This trainer is a classic analog circuit  training system, which is suitable for experiment teaching 
         courses such as 'Analog electronics  technique' and 'Electronic circuit'.
      • It adopts portable box type design with  aluminum profile frame, easy to be carried for flexible teaching purpose.
      • Various experiments could be performed by  using basic unit circuits with external components or other
         unit circuits, all the schematic  diagrams are printed on front panel for clear identification.
      • With two layer design structure, extended  circuit board could be mounted easily on basic panel to build
         a variety of experiment content but  saving the space.
      • The basic service area comes with DC  power source, DC signal source, function generator, digital frequency
         meter, digital DC voltmeter, etc. The  open experiment area is provided with multiple IC sockets and 
         electronic component insertion sockets  to achieve various experiment extension and course design. 

      • Single stage amplifying circuit
      • Two-stage amplifying circuit
      • Negative feedback amplifying circuit
      • Emitter follower
      • Differential amplifying circuit
      • Proportion summation operational circuit
      • Integrating and differentiating circuit
      • Waveform generating circuit
      • Active filter
      • Voltage comparator
      • Rectification filter and parallel voltage  regulator circuit
      • Integrated circuit RC sine-wave  oscillator
      • Integrated power amplifier
      • Series voltage regulator circuit
      • Integrated voltage stabilizer
      • RC sine-wave oscillator
      • LC oscillator and frequency-selective  amplifier
      • Current / Voltage switching circuit
      • Voltage / Frequency switching circuit
      • Complementary symmetry power amplifier
      • Waveform changing circuit
      • Field-effect tube amplifying circuit
      • Thyristor experiment circuit
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