CFH-114 Advanced Electro Hydraulics Trainer


      • This is a flexible electro hydraulics teaching system, with aluminium profiles and powder coated sheet 
        steel as the frame material, universal and silent castors are adopted to achieve movable ability.
      • Quick mounting system is adopted to realize all components to be mounted easily and securely
        on the grooved profile plate in any direction without tools. The connection between hydraulic tube 
        and hydraulic components is achieved by fast connecting and self-sealing couplings without 
        leakage, thanks to its lockable and spring design, the insertion of hydraulic tubes can be realized
        simply by pushing the female coupling only and the extraction can be achieved easily by pulling the 
        spring ring with one hand.
      • The electrical units are clamped into the top frame and sequenced individually, the supports and
         the electrical units are the same for both hydraulics and pneumatics, single investment with double
         the functionality.
      • A variety of hydraulic and electrical/electronics parts are available for experiment extension, help
         achieve skills of different levels from elementary to advanced hydraulic engineering.

      • Understanding of hydraulic system structure and characteristics
      • Function and use of hydraulic control valves
      • Recognizing and drawing of hydraulic symbols
      • Hydraulic power unit and its pressure / flow characteristic curve
      • Measurement of times / pressures / transfer ratio / flow during advancing and retracting of a cylinder
      • Characteristic curve of flow control valve
      • Characteristic curve of pressure relief valve
      • Using the flow control valve in the inflow / outflow / bypass / bidirectional flow and adjusting the drive speed
      • Reversing circuit of directional control 
      • Latch circuit using directional valve, check valve, etc. 
      • Pressure reducing circuit
      • 1/2/3 stage pressure regulating circuit
      • Unloading circuit of directional valve / pressure relief valve
      • Balancing circuit
      • Speed switching circuit
      • Sequence control circuit
      • Synchronous control of circuit
      • Continuous cycle circuit
      • Pressure maintaining circuit
      • Buffering circuit
      • Interlocking circuit
      • Controls with on-delay and off-delay time relays
      • Using of different proximity sensors
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