CFP-111 Electro Pneumatics Trainer


      • This is a flexible electro pneumatics   teaching system, with aluminium profiles and powder coated sheet 
        steel as the frame material, universal   and silent castors are adopted to achieve movable ability.
      • Quick mounting system is adopted to   realize all components to be mounted easily and securely
        on the grooved profile plate in any   direction without tools. The connection between pneumatic tube 
         and pneumatic components is achieved by   fast connecting couplings.
      • The electrical units are clamped into the   top frame and sequenced individually, the supports and
         the electrical units are the same for   both pneumatics and hydraulics, single investment with double
         the functionality.
      • A variety of pneumatic and   electrical/electronics parts are available for experiment extension, help
         achieve skills of different levels from   elementary to advanced pneumatic engineering.

      • Structure, function, and application of   single-acting and double-acting cylinders 
      • Calculating basic parameters
      • Direct and indirect actuation
      • Application and function of 3/2 and   5/2-way solenoid valves
      • Analyzing circuits
      • Options for pressure measurement
      • Pressure-dependent control systems
      • Latching circuits
      • Logic operations: AND/OR/NOT
      • Combining logic operations
      • Function and application of limit   switches
      • Time-delay valves
      • End-position monitoring using electronic   proximity sensors
      • Realizing oscillating movement
      • Economic considerations of using   pneumatic components
      • Troubleshooting simple electropneumatic   circuits
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