CFP-201 Portable Pneumatics Trainer


      • This portable system comes with excellent   extension for different training conditions and functions. 
         The whole structure is portable and   compact. It has almost all function of a bench type trainer but with 
         small size and low cost.
      • Four experiment platform arrangements can   be performed to start the pneumatic training due to the 
         flexible design structure, the two   aluminum profile plate could be combined in multiple methods to
         achieve vertical, horizontal,   superimposed or double sided training, at the same time, all pneumatic
         components could be attached inside or   outside the platform by using quick mounting baseboard. 
      • The connection between pneumatic tube and   pneumatic components is achieved by fast connecting 
         couplings. The platform is suitable for   both CHOIEO hydraulics and pneumatics training system with 
         same mounting features.

      • Understanding of pneumatic components   structure, signal and functions 
      • Reversing loop of push button valve   controlled single acting cylinder
      • Speed control loop of single acting   cylinder
      • Manual controlled reversing loop of hand   directional valve
      • Pneumatic controlled reversing loop of   hand directional valve
      • Speed control loop of double acting   cylinder
      • Speed control loop of throttle valve
      • Sequential loop of two cylinders
      • Reversing loop of OR gate valve   controlled single acting cylinder
      • Remote controlled unloading loop
      • Push button valve controlled double   acting cylinder loop
      • Reducing valve controlled pressure-relief   loop
      • Two hands controlled single acting   cylinder reversing loop
      • Pneumatic simulation software
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