CNC-101 Solar & Wind Hybrid Power Generation Trainer


      • The unit demonstrates the practical  application of such a combined system for student to conduct the 
         investigation of wind and photovoltaic  generation. It is supplied as standard with a high-powered axial 
         fan to generate realistic wind-speeds  and a solar simulator to allow investigation of system performance 
         inside the laboratory irrespective of  outside conditions.
      • Both the solar panel and wind generator  are connected to a digital combined charge controller that allows 
         the output from both the solar panel and  the wind generator to be investigated. Dedicated instrumentation
         includes, wind speed meter, wind  direction meter, watt hour meter, AC/DC voltmeter and ampere meters 
         for investigation of system efficiency  and characteristics.

      • Solar panel open circuit voltage test
      • Solar panel short circuit current test
      • Solar panel iv characteristic test  experiment
      • Solar panel maximum power output  characteristics experiment
      • Solar cell series experiment
      • Solar cell parallel experiment
      • Battery series experiment
      • Battery parallel experiment
      • Wind turbine start-up wind speed  experiment
      • Wind turbine voltage output  characteristic curve measurement
      • Automatic two-axis tracking system  experiment
      • Manual two-axis tracking system  experiment
      • Remote controlled two-axis tracking  system experiment
      • Wind and solar hybrid controller  experiment (wind/solar/combined)
      • DC/AC load experiment
      • Wind and solar hybrid AC and DC  integrated output application
      • Electricity consumption measurement of  wind and solar hybrid AC output load
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