CNC-201 Solar & Wind Hybrid Power Generation Trainer


      • The unit demonstrates the practical application of such a combined system for student to conduct the 
         investigation of wind and photovoltaic generation. It is supplied as standard with a high-powered axial 
         fan to generate realistic wind-speeds and an adjustable light source to allow investigation of system
          performance inside the laboratory irrespective of outside conditions.
      • The solar module comes with altitude emulator, that is, the angle of light source can be adjusted 
          automatically by PLC or manually by HMI & pushbuttons, simulating the sun's rising and falling. An
          dual-axis tracking platform is installed with the PV panel to realize the automatic / manual sun 
          tracking function. 
      • The wind module comes with direction emulator, that is, the angle of wind source can be adjusted 
          automatically by PLC or manually by HMI & pushbuttons, simulating the different wind directions. The
          wind speed can be controlled by VFD with push button for adjustment, anemometer for data collection
          and HMI for display.
      • Both the solar panel and wind generator are connected to a digital combined charge controller that allows 
         the output from both the solar panel and the wind generator to be investigated. Dedicated instrumentation
         includes, watt hour meter, AC/DC voltmeter and ampere meters for investigation of system efficiency  
         and characteristics.

      • Solar panel open circuit voltage test
      • Solar panel short circuit current test
      • Solar panel iv characteristic test experiment
      • Solar panel maximum power output characteristics experiment
      • Solar panel transfer efficiency experiment
      • Solar panel PV characteristics experiment
      • Wind turbine start-up wind speed experiment
      • Wind turbine voltage output characteristic curve measurement
      • Automatic / manual two-axis solar tracking system experiment
      • Automatic / manual sun path control system experiment
      • Automatic / manual wind field control system experiment
      • Wind and solar hybrid controller experiment (wind/solar/combined)
      • DC resistive and inductive load experiment
      • AC resistive, capacitive and inductive load experiment
      • Wind and solar hybrid AC and DC integrated output application
      • Electricity consumption measurement of wind and solar hybrid AC output load
      • HMI monitoring and control experiment
      • PLC programming experiment
      • Complete system hardware assembly experiment
      • Complete system software design experiment
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