CNS-101 Solar Power Generation Trainer


      • The unit is a portable training system  for studying the principles of solar energy, storage and conversion.
         Different electrical parameters can be  measured due to various digital meters.
      • The solar panel and storage battery is  connected to a digital charge controller, which is designed with 
         data acquisition and  software monitoring function that allows  the output from solar panel and battery state 
         to be investigated, as well as  controlling the output load.
      • Adjustable distance between simulated  light source and polycrystal solar cell panel, allowing investigation 
         of system performance inside the  laboratory irrespective of outside conditions.

      • Solar cell open circuit voltage test
      • Solar cell open circuit current test
      • Solar cell maximum power output test
      • Solar cell I-V character test
      • Solar cell P-V character test
      • Influence of environment to solar cell  photovoltaic conversion 
      • Direct resistive load current and voltage  test
      • Direct inductive load current and voltage  test
      • Solar cell module output characteristics  test
      • Solar cell direct charging experiment
      • Solar street lamp experiment
      • Solar street lamp charging test 
      • Solar street lamp charging/discharging  test
      • Solar fan experiment
      • Solar fan charging test 
      • Solar fan charging/discharging test  experiment
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