CRI-101 Refrigerator & Air Conditioner System Trainer


      • Movable integrated refrigerator and air  conditioner system trainer built on one aluminium alloy profile,
         with drawer type electrical controlling  system saving space and easy for operation. 
      • High/low pressure pipelines marked with  colors for easy identification, special designed testing points
         on each key positions for fast pressure  measuring connection visa two HP/LP gauge groups on each side.
      • Centralized wiring terminal box for easy  electrical arrangement, coming with 4mm safety sockets and code
         number. Four control boxes whose body  and panel are made of painted steel with schematic diagram and
         carrying handles on front.
      • Two types of control mode are provided  for refrigerator system, student can operate electronic temperature
         control system and intelligent  electrical control system in one single trainer, let alone the A/C system.

      • Refrigeration and air conditioning  pipeline construction
      • Wiring of refrigerator and A/C electrical  system
      • Coolant state tracking and its  relationship with pressure
      • System vacuumization and coolant charging
      • System air tightness testing
      • Thermodynamics elements application 
      • Application of refrigerating system  maintenance tool
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